Devil's Staircase

Sunday, June 5, 2011
Leader: Gordon Sayre
Hike: 4 miles, 700 ft (Difficult)

This was a family trip with five adults and four children twelve and under. This is pretty unusual for Obsidians I think and a real delight. Shawn Kitson brought his three kids, Ethan, McKenzie, and Katelynn, and I brought my son Joshua. Katelynn I believe is only four, and rode much of the trail on her dad's shoulders. The three other adults were Darko Sojak, Elle Weaver and Chuck Eyers. We hiked a users' trail that descends to Wassen Creek from Steampot Road, which runs along a ridge on the south side of the creek's watershed. The Old-Growth forest is as marvellous as any in the coast range. The namesake Devil's Staircase waterfall, however, lies a couple miles downstream from the point where we reached the creek. The water was very cold and we were able to wade only a hundred yards or so. Amazingly, the water was as cold and at the same height as it was in February and November when I previously hiked this trail. Those who wish to see the falls should try a different, more difficult route from the north, or come in August and be prepared to shiver. The rest of us should work to get this area preserved as wilderness.

Members: Gordon Sayre, Darko Sojak, Elle Weaver, Chuck Eyers. Nonmembers: Shawn Litson, Ethan Litson, Katelynn Litson, McKenzie Litson, Josh Sayre.

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