So. Slough Estuary Guided Paddle Trip

Saturday, September 17, 2011
Leader: Joella Ewing
Water: (Easy)

Seven Obsidian women enjoyed a splendidly sunny day canoeing and kayaking on the National South Slough Estuarine Research Reserve out of Charleston. Education Specialist Joy Tolly and her volunteer Louise Whitehead pointed out important flora and fauna, remains of an earlier industrial age and some of the Reserve's restoration projects. We spent the night at a local motel to ensure an early start and had delicious breakfasts at the Sea Basket restaurant. The volunteer, who has been assisting on this kind of outing for seven years said ours was the best group she's ever assisted - experienced, knowledgable, pleasant, and conservation minded. She may even become an Obsidian.

Members: Joella Ewing, Clara Emlen, Roberta Chord, Patricia Esch, Bea Fontana, Lana Lindstrom, Nola Nelson.

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