Women's Hosmer Lake Canoe/Kayak

Tuesday, September 6, 2011
Leader: Patricia Esch
Water: (Easy)

We eight boaters set up camp on Hosmer Lake and took our boats to the ramp for a sunny and warm paddle. We met some fishers in their individual pontoon boats powered by flippers and many immature bufflehead ducks that looked too young to grow up in time to migrate. The water was so clear we could see the fish against the light colored bottom and didn't seem very tempted by the fishers' flies. No gasoline motors on this fly-fishing only lake. Lana's dinner team served delicious salmon burgers with cheesecake dessert to cap the day before we trundled off to our respective sleeping bags for a chilly night. On day two, we drove our boats north to Sparks Lake. This lake is very shallow, too shallow for motors, with sandy beaches on one side and lava benches on the other. We checked out all the lava coves and islands. On the way back, we stopped at Elk Lake Resort, had drinks and ice cream, and gathered firewood in anticipation of a fire and marshmallows. Pat's dinner team served homemade bean soup with nanimo bars for dessert, and in keeping with last year's trip, we had rain, a very brief shower AFTER we were in our tents. We decided to find the Hosmer Lake inlet on day three and search out a reported bridge. A lovely paddle the length of the lake brought us to a definite clear stream. A quarter mile paddle against the current, dodging fallen trees, rewarded us with not only a trail bridge, but a waterfall. On the return, two very vocal sandhill cranes flew low over our heads, landed in the marsh, took off, were joined by a third and all disappeared up to Sparks Lake where we had seen them the day before. Driving back, one car checked out Little Cultus Lake as a possible spot for next year's trip.

Members: Esch, Patricia, Emlen, Clara, Lindstrom, Lana, Nelson, Nola, Whitfield, Nancy, Ewing, Joella. Nonmembers: Phelps, Kim, Dods, Jane.

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