Chi Gong & Meditation Hike

Saturday, June 18, 2011
Leader: Becky Lipton
Hike: 6.7 miles, 1400 ft (Moderate)

Fourteen hikers interested in a new adventure joined this first ever Obsidian Chi Gong & meditation hike. This hike was along the gorgeous and energizing Brice Creek east of Cottage Grove and included hiking up to and behind Trestle Creek Falls. This unique experience involved learning and practicing various walking and standing meditation and Chi Gong (energizing) techniques to bring greater consciousness and awareness to one's personal relaxation and inner rejuvenation process while hiking and enjoying nature. All participants were willing to hike in silence for periods of time to practice their meditation and Chi Gong lessons. The group participated in several group sharings and further lessons at several points along the route. Chi Gong techniques were taught by Don Cross, Chi Gong and martial arts instructor for over 40 yrs. Meditation was taught by Becky Lipton who has studied meditation and healing arts for over 25 years. As one participant said, 'What a different energy it brings to an Obsidian hike when everyone starts out in silence, instead of the usual chatter!'

Members: Becky Lipton, Don Cross, Paul Flashenberg, Nola Nelson, Martha Welches, Jeanne Schmidt, Helen Martz. Nonmembers: Shan Ambika, Colleen Chrisinger, Sebastian Urioste, Jeremy Jones, Meda Afazi-Jones, Andres Kanpert, Lana Kanpert.

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