Mt. St. Helens

Monday–Tuesday, July 25–26, 2011
Leader: Jim Pierce
Climb: 9 miles, 4600 ft

Our group of seven started at 6:15 am from the Climber Bivouac. In late July there was still a couple feet of snow under the trees and large snow fields about timberline. Our route stayed on the rocky ridges where practical. The route is steeper than I remember from before. Most of the scree and talus was secure from wet scree/sand. There were even glissade troughs in the snow fields that we tried on the way down.

We reached the summit by 11:00 so the assent took 4:40. There was a huge cornice all along the crater rim, so we could not see the dome in the crater. The views of Spirit Lake, Mount Rainier, Mount Adams and Mount Hood were spectacular. What a marvelous day to be on top of the world. The descent took just over three hours.

Members: Jim Pierce, Elle Weaver, Chris Stockdale, Marianne Camp, Kenneth Frazer, Mary Frazer. Nonmembers: Dallas Hemphill.

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