Mt. Adams

Friday–Sunday, July 29–31, 2011
Leader: Maryanne Reiter
Climb: 11.4 miles, 6700 ft

We left Eugene early Sat (July 30th) morning, arrived at Cold Spring TH and started hiking up to base camp early afternoon. The weather was sunny and pleasant. Due to the lateness of snowmelt, the nice weather and whatever other reasons for mass migration there were, 400 other climbers joined us on the mountain that day. After we adjusted our perception of "wilderness experience" we had a fine time. We camped just below the "lunch counter". The evening sun set like a Fireball, casting blue purple mountain shadows. During the night the wind picked up and was blowing fiercely for most of night and morning. I made the call to delay our departure in hopes that it would die down; it did not. We got ready an hour later and departed camp around 7 AM. We joined the conga line of climbers and summited in the wind and white out. There was no lounging on the summit due cold and there was no visibility so after pictures we took off like Bandits and headed down. We had the most amazing glissade down a trough worthy of an Olympic luge course. We got back to camp mid-afternoon and packed up. While we were packing up a man carrying a doberman came hiking down the rocks. He set the dog on the snow, stepped into his snowboard, scooped up the dog and whooshed down the mountain. We made it back safely to Eugene late Sunday evening.

Members: Deeter, Wayne, Zeni, Sue. Nonmembers: Reiter, Maryanne, Hendrickson, Kirk, Monico, Laurie.

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