Fuji Mountain - Upper Island Loop

Saturday, September 17, 2011
Leader: Lyndell Wilken
Hike: 16 miles, 2949 ft (Difficult)

Good weather and 8 seasoned hikers made the trip up Fuji Mountain a rewarding experience. The sun came out just in time for our lunch on top. We had views of the surrounding peaks and lakes and time was spent identifying landmarks to those on the hike who were unfamiliar with the area. Our return trip followed a different route passing Lower and Upper Island Lakes. Everyone stayed vigilant along the trail as they searched for the Cy Bingham tree blaze along the South Waldo Trail. The blaze dates back to 1905. Another tree blaze from 1908 was seen at the Mt. Rae trail junction. These blazes have survived over 100 years and feature the name of Cy Bingham, the date, the ranger district, and the names of anyone that were camping with Cy Bingham at the time. The blazes added an interesting feature to the 10 mile return to the car. Participants included Matthys Reinder, a visitor from Switzerland.

Members: Lyndell Wilken, Dick Hildreth, Chris Stockdale, Elle Weaver, Sue Wolling, John Hegg. Nonmembers: Erin Noble, Matthys Reinder.

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