Fort Vancouver/Hudson's Bay Co.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011
Leader: Mary Ellen West

Thirty Obsidians and guests visited the Fort Vancouver historic site on July 12. The reconstructed Hudson's Bay Company is built on the original site of the British fur trading post established in 1825. More than two million objects have been reclaimed and the archeological research is ongoing in this National Park Service facility. Several digs were in progress during our visit.

Across the street from the Park Visitor Center, is Officer's Row, 22 restored homes built for the Army officers who served at Vancouver Barracks. This army facility was created in 1849 to insure the orderly settlement of the Oregon Territory. The George C. Marshall house, built in 1886, was open for us to visit. It is an elegant Queen Anne Victorian, where George Marshall lived while serving as Commander of Vancouver Barracks in 1936-38. We were also able to visit the Hudson's Bay Company Village, home to workers and families who worked at the Fort. There are two reconstructed houses open for viewing. The Fort is constructed and stocked with artifacts to present a picture of life in a busy trading post, including a blacksmith shop, bake house, fur warehouse, counting house and more. It gives a glimpse into the lives of Indians, settlers, fur traders, and Chief Factor John McLoughlin and his family. Fort Vancouver was a wonderful picture of the very early northwest and modern life exhibited by the nearby railroad, highway, and jets taking off from the Portland airport.

Members: Mary Ellen West, Thomas Adamcyk, Ethel Allen, Alice Anderson, Bill Arthur, Ron Bauer, Barbara Beard, Paul Beard, Mary Lee Cheadle, Joella Ewing, Jack Ewing, Barbara Flanders, Dennis Flanders, Janet Jacobsen, Ray Jensen, Verna Kocken, Joanne Ledet, John McManigal, Lenore McManigal, Natalie Newlove, Margaret Prentice, Liz Reanier, Julie Snell, Janet Speelman, Marjorie Jackson. Nonmembers: Judy Adamcyk, Lee Altschuler, Pat McCormick, Susan Reinoehl, Teena Seckler.

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