Oregon Zoo

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Leader: Liz Reanier

Left Eugene at 8 am, with rest stop prior to arriving at the zoo.

Rick talked about zoos part of the way up.

Everyone did their own thing at the zoo. Boarded bus for return at 3 pm.

Members: Liz Reanier, Rick Ahrens, Judy Adamcyk, Thomas Adamcyk, Alice Anderson, Bill Arthur, Barbara Beard, Paul Beard, Paula Beard, Shirley Cameron, Mary Lee Cheadle, Jack Ewing, Joella Ewing, Barbara Flanders, Dennis Flanders, Donna Halker, Marc Hansen, Phyllis Hulse, Richard McGuinness, Julie Snell, Janet Speelman, Mary Ellen West. Nonmembers: Linn Crooks, Hugh Hiller, Phyllis Hiller, Andrew Lemons, Mary Lemons, Pat McCormick, Geri Nelson, Elena Rae, Molly Stelzl, Ryan Stewart.

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