OR Gardens, Moonstone, Silver Falls

Tuesday–Wednesday, May 17–18, 2011
Leader: Ethel Allen

The morning of May 17, 2011, twenty riders left Eugene by way of McKenzie View Drive. We continued to Marcola and then had a refreshment break at Shot Gun Creek picnic area. From there, we had a scenic drive to Sweet Home, stopping at the city park to view the Weddle covered bridge. Next, a drive through extensive farm land to Stayton, Sublimity and on to Silver Creek picnic area, where we enjoyed a picnic lunch. After lunch, many in our group walked the trail under the south falls. We then continued to Silverton where we stopped by the Normon Rockwell murals. The Four Freedoms was especially interesting. Then on to Moonstone Resort where we checked in early so those who wanted, could walk into the Oregon Garden. In the evening, an elegant dinner was served to us in our private dining room.

Wednesday morning a free buffet breakfast was offered in the Garden View dining room. Then a short drive to the Oregon Garden. Next we went to the Gordon House, which was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. We saw a film showing how the house was moved to the present site. A guide then took us throughout the entire house. Then on to Mt. Angel where the bus parked near the Glockenspiel restaurant. Mary Grant was our guide for the town. She first turned on the Glockenspiel to go around which depicts the early settlers of the area. We then walked to St. Mary's Church. She took us inside to view the stained glass windows which are beautiful beyond words. The pipe organ is massive. Then back to the restaurant where we enjoyed a fine lunch. Mary then rode with us to the abbey where she was our guide. The Abbey has an extensive campus. We first entered the church to view the beautiful pipe organ. Then on to the library which was donated by Tektronix. We were taken into the vault where old books are kept in a 60 degree climate. We were shown two ancient books. One was from 1250, and the other from 1480. They were perfectly hand printed by using hair from pigs. Pages of the books were made of pig skin. This was a rare experience. Our final stop was the Bauman farm. The farm features hundreds of flowering plants. The store has an abundance of interesting items to purchase, including ice cream of which we did partake. Our excellent driver was Kevin Nunley. He drove the narrow country roads to perfection. We returned to Eugene about 5:30.

Members: Ethel Allen, Barbara Beard, Ron Bauer, Paul Beard, Paula Beard, Sharon Cutsforth, Pat Dark, Barbara Flanders, Dennis Flanders, Marjorie Jackson, Barbara Payne, Don Payne, Virginia Prouty, Liz Reanier. Nonmembers: Valerie Livering, Frances Paresa, Judith Philips, Dennis Sears, Jan Sears, Lexie Simpson.

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