Ridgeline Trail - Baldy to LCC

Thursday, March 17, 2011
Leader: Rob Castleberry
Hike: 4 miles, 750 ft (Moderate)

We started from the East Dillard trailhead in Eugene's southeast corner, and walked up over the top of Mt. Baldy where we could view, beyond the mansions, the newly acquired lands of "Suzanne Arlie Park" off to the east. Access to the park is not easy, and since the city presently has no money for taking care of it, the public may be shut out entirely if problems develop. We walked down through fir and fern forest on the north slope following a rough "track" more than a "trail', through wet meadow into scrub forest and brush. A road, then paths, led us eastward along the ridgeline and up to a hilltop due south of LCC. (Like some other landmarks in the park, the hilltop needs a name.) Turning back toward Baldy we looped to the south past remains of an old homestead, and west to the base of Mt. Baldy. Passage through what we fondly called "Poison Oak Alley" brought us into broad grassy meadows, a short jaunt through the woods to the Ridgeline Trail, and return to the parking lot. An enjoyable outing in our newest public area, remarkably wild for now. Everyone got plenty of opportunity to get familiar with appearance of leafless poison oak stems in their considerable variety . . . no reports of itchy consequences for participants.

Members: Castleberry, Rob, Baldwin, Mari, Jacobsen, Janet, Bryan, Keiko, Esch, Patricia, Sanazaro, Susan, Whitfield, Jim. Nonmembers: Locus, Rich.

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