Hunts Cove

Friday–Sunday, August 12–14, 2011
Leader: Bill Sullivan
Bk Pk: 15 miles, 3000 ft (Difficult)

The Detroit Ranger Station issues only one permit a day for a group of 12 to Hunts Cove, a scenic lake basin on the south shoulder of Mt. Jefferson (Starting next year, permits will cost $6, and can be purchased from beginning May 1.) Our group of 12 set up camp at Hanks Lake for two nights and used the intervening day for an adventurous 10-mile bushwhack around Goat Peak and the Cathedral Rocks, crossing The Table -- some of the most scenic and remote terrain in the state. Snow, talus, mosquitoes, wildflowers, and stunning close-up views of Mt. Jefferson were everywhere. Because this was a joint trip for the Eugene Obsidians and the Salem Chemeketans, we invented theme songs for both clubs, with the latter to the tune of the UO fight song, “Mighty Oregon.” Chemeketans, Chemeketans, If you can pronounce it, you’re one of us. Chemeketans, Chemeketans, Our hikes are free. If you can’t afford it, that’s OK with me. If you call yourself Obsidian, Perambulations are quotidian. We accept any individuum Near the 122nd meridian. We’ll backpack with Chemeketans And Mazama llamas too, But the stalwart and the dauntless Are Obsidians, it’s true.

Members: Sullivan, Bill, Hovis, Scott, Stockdale, Chris, Brown, Paul, Wolling, Sue, Harrison, Bob. Nonmembers: Klein, Renee, Parker, Linda, Reuter, Dave, Catlin, Marissa, Reed, Julie, Reilly, Martha.

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