Mt. Pisgah Solstice

Tuesday, June 21, 2011
Leader: Janet Jacobsen
Hike: 2.8 miles, 1000 ft (Easy)

A large group of people, many with cameras, gathered on the east side of the Mt. Pisgah Jed Kesey Memorial Sighting Pedestal to watch the sun slowly descend. The inner part of the slot began to glow and then the rays of the sun seemed to explode outward. The starlike rays were a spectacular surprise for those who had not celebrated a Mt. Pisgah Summer Solstice. On our hike back down, we enjoyed the sky filled with red and orange hues. We left the trailhead at 7:40 pm and were back down at our cars two hours later without using flashlights. My thanks Peter Helzer whose sculpture has an orientation table, a geological history lesson and a solstice sighting.

Members: Janet Jacobsen, Laurie Marshall, Patricia Mac Afee, Helen Martz, Jeanne Schmidt, Cindy Rust, Patricia Esch, Nancy Whitfield, Royal Murdock, John Jacobsen, Rick Ahrens. Nonmembers: Patrick Bronson, Joanne Williams.

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