Spencer Butte

Saturday, November 26, 2011
Leader: Matthew Bell
Trl Mnt: 1 miles, 500 ft (Moderate)

We met Christer LaBrecque of the Natural Resources staff for this month’s project, planting native plants along the West Trail and the culvert we armored with stones 2 months ago. Though it was a coldish morning we had an impressive turnout of 18 volunteers. Our numbers were increased by 6 members of the Iceaxemen and Christer’s parents and wife.

The LaBrecques planted in the area of the armored culvert and also transplanted some mature sword ferns.

The rest of the group hauled plants and tools up the West Trail and spread themselves and plants out amongst the barrier fences and began to plant False Solomon’s Seal, Bigleaf Maple, Dewey Sedge, and transplant Sword Ferns. Jim Whitfield, Nola Nelson, and Pat Sousan transplanted numerous Sword Ferns. The mature ferns do a really good job of breaking up the visual openness created by the shortcuts and expanding trail sides. Hopefully, they will do a good job of preventing people and dogs from widening the trail again and give the other younger plants time to establish themselves.

As we approached 10 o’clock it was obvious that our large group was going to easily get all of the plants planted. Those that were running low on plants began to gather sticks and logs to add to our plantings to help discourage people and dogs from trampling the newly planted and transplanted plants.

Lou Benton, who had brought his own leaf-blower, cleared the leaves off of the cobble section of the West Trail.

All told we planted and estimated 50 Bigleaf Maples, 120 False Solomon’s Seal, 40 Dewey Sedges, and transplanted over 50 Sword Ferns.

Betsy was the day’s designated photographer, she was able to stay until Oliver got too cold and cranky, here are the pictures she took:


Members: Matthew Bell, Nola Nelson, Dave Predeek, Pat Soussan, Jim Whitfield, Jim Pierce. Nonmembers: Jenny Wilson, Lou Bentsen, Betsy Bell, Marie Labrecque, Rody Labrecque, Shirley Labrecque, Cherise Sullivan, Corrie Sizemore, Hira Shamsuddin, Lou Bentsen, Thad Arnold, Zebedee Rear.

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