Spencer Butte

Wednesday, August 31, 2011
Leader: Matthew Bell
Trl Mnt: 2 miles, 500 ft (Moderate)

We met Christer LaBrecque of Parks & Open Spaces at the main Spencer Butte parking lot for the last Wednesday evening trails outing of the summer. We headed up the trail. Along the way Darko and Jim put up a couple of signs to warn hikers of a cougar sighting earlier in the day in the Junction Meadow. One was placed near the trailhead and the other near the trail junction in the Junction Meadow.

Just after the meadow that used to have picnic tables we were all very surprised to see that all of the sticks, branches, and logs we'd previously used to disguise and block an illicit trail has been taken and used to create a large wigwam. We all joined together to take apart the wigwam and re-brush out the illicit trail.

As we progressed along the trail we noted the smell of a decaying animal and discovered the remains of a deer fairly close to the trail. Thoughts of it being the aftermath of a cougar’s dinner weren’t far from our minds.

Once at the meadow we broke into 2 groups. One group, consisting of Janet Jacobsen and Lana Lindstrom continued up the trail to continue blocking shortcuts and illicit trails with brush. The remainder of our group worked with Christer to remove small trees from the meadow to prevent it further loss to the encroachment of the forest.

Members: Matthew Bell, Jim Whitfield, Janet Jacobsen, Darko Sojak, Lana Lindstrom. Nonmembers: Todd Larsen, Julie Bojanowski.

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