Spencer Butte

Saturday, September 24, 2011
Leader: Matthew Bell
Trl Mnt: 2 miles, 500 ft (Moderate)

This month’s outing was very exciting. Unlike many of our outings in which we do our best to undo the damage to the trail and environment that Spencers Butte receives, we actually added back and created features for future hikers and picnickers to enjoy. Several years ago we removed the two wooden picnic tables from the meadow because they were rotting. Today we got to replace them with rocks that will last a lot longer! Christer had selected some choice pieces from the last rockslide at the Skinner Butte Columns.

Our group split into two to tackle the day’s tasks. One group would focus on clearing a pad for the rocks that Christer LaBrecque would place with the Bobcat. As the excavation began we discovered a deep pile of ash and charcoal. This led to some discussion and Christer informed us that in the 70’s people used to drive into the meadow and light bon fires and party. Extra kudos go to Jim Whitfield for realizing that instead of shoveling the ash Christer could just scrape and scoop it all up with the Bobcat, saving us a lot of work and time. As Jim Pierce and Steve Gibson delivered gravel for the pad, Christer began placing rocks to sit on and use as a table. Jim Whitfield and Erin Noble worked to spread the gravel and prepare spots for the rocks. Christer spotted a rock that had dislodged when a tree fell and it now forms a really comfortable recliner in the rock circle. The largest rock maxed out the Bobcat and thankfully came to rest perfectly on the first attempt to place it. The meadow is now much improved with the rock circle.

The second group of Janet Jacobsen, Pat Soussan, Alex and Matthew Lockfeld, and Lisa Marcus worked to improve the drainage around the spring and culvert that are just to the East of the meadow. They worked to line the stream side with rocks to stop the banks from continuing to slough into the stream. Two large rocks were added along the South side of the trail to provide seating and to help delineate the trail side. The seating also has the added benefit of allowing people to enjoy the sounds of water flowing over the rock waterfall painstakingly and muddily created by Pat Soussan.

After all of our hard work we inaugurated the stone circle by enjoying some well deserved snacks and lemonade.

To view photos from this month's outing, go to:


Members: Matthew Bell, Jim Whitfield, Janet Jacobsen, Pat Soussan, Lisa Marcus, Jim Pierce. Nonmembers: Erin Noble, Alex Lockfeld, Matthew Lockfeld, Steve Gibson.

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