Spencer Butte

Saturday, April 23, 2011
Leader: Matthew Bell
Trl Mnt: 20 ft (Moderate)

The 1st Annual Ridgeline Celebration was a success! The day’s events were initiated by Art Farley and the Friends of the Ridgeline.

We took on the task of improving the trailhead. Obsidians of all ages made short work of most of the tasks. We graveled around the trailhead, cleaned the steps, brushed the illicit trails that connect the parking lot with the West Summit Trail, and pruned back the Himalayan Blackberries. We accomplished a lot in about 2 hours.

Everyone worked very quickly and finished in time to enjoy the celebrations which included interpretive hikes with City staffers, catered snacks from the Youth Corp, and even a band.

Members: Matthew Bell, Jim Whitfield, Janet Jacobsen, Sheila Barry, Clara Emlen, Jane Hackett, Jim Pierce, Brennen Hackett, Maddison Babb-Hackett. Nonmembers: Alex Lockfeld, Matthew Lockfeld, Douglas Becker, Tom O'Brien, Gaybrielle Newell, Art Farley, Jo Von Hippel, Conner Bendt, Michelle Emmons, Pat Griffin.

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