Spencer Butte

Saturday, January 29, 2011
Leader: Matthew Bell
Trl Mnt: 1 miles, 100 ft (Moderate)

The morning was exquisite weather for doing a little trail work, the sky was clear and the sun was warm. Our group quickly filled up the Willamette and 52nd trailhead parking lot. After an explanation of the days tasks and introductions we broke into about 4 groups. Two groups began to spread 3/8 minus gravel over the new sections of trail. Jim Pierce, Steve Gibson, Alex and Matthew Lockfeld, and John Jacobsen worked to spread the small gravel along the new connector trail along the westside of Willamette. Jim Whitfield, Tom O'Brien, Sarah Praskievicz, and I worked to spread the small gravel east along the Ridgeline from the parking lot. Jim did an excellent job compacting the gravel to create an almost paved-road look. Donald Burton, Robert Beal, Tom Hurts, and Ed Lizewski worked really hard breaking up the old trail so that it will more quickly return to a natural state. After they'd finished they joined us to finish up spreading and placing the gravel along the trail. Ed Peara worked diligently to dig a hole for and place a new post with rails to create an improved barrier blocking the old trail under the powerlines. In just a couple of hours we were able to accomplish a lot of work that will not only help nature reclaim the old trail but, make the new sections of trail safer and more long lasting.

Members: Bell, Matthew, Whitfield, Jim, Lizewski, Ed, Jacobsen, John, Praskievicz, Sarah, Pierce, Jim. Nonmembers: Burton, Donald, Gibson, Steve, O'Brien, Tom, Lockfeld, Alex, Lockfeld, Matthew, Peara, Ed, Beal, Robert, Hurts, Tom, Farley, Art, Von Hippel, Jo, Emmons, Michelle, Griffin, Pat.

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