Willamette Confluence Tour

Saturday, February 26, 2011
Leader: Lyn Gilman-Garrick
Hike: 3.5 miles, 50 ft (Easy)

On Saturday, February 26th, fifteen of us met on the chilliest morning of the year to tour the Willamette Confluence Project. This was the second tour of the WCP sponsored by the Obsidians in conjunction with Friends of Buford Park. The first tour was the week before on Saturday, February 19th. Please see the trip report for that tour for more information. Sue Sullivan, John Mowat and Lyn Gilman-Garrick lead this tour. Despite the cold, we were very lucky in a couple of respects. First, we saw a bald eagle. Second, all the cow pies and muddy paths were frozen solid so we hardly got our boots dirty. We ended a little earlier than the first tour as we needed to keep moving to stay warm!

Members: Lyn Gilman-Garrick, Janet Jacobsen, John Jacobsen, John Hartman, Sam Tracer, Greg Milliman, Peter Rodda, Patricia Esch, Chris Shuraleff, Nola Nelson, Mari Baldwin, Sue Sullivan, John Mowat. Nonmembers: Sally O'Donnell, Angie Thompson.

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