Hemlock Butte A Frame Mt. Bailey

Friday–Sunday, April 29–May 1, 2011
Leader: Scott Hovis
Bk Pk: 13 miles, 1000 ft (Difficult)

We were surprised how much snow was there, at least 8 to 10 ft. made it hard to find the shelter. There was so much snow that some of the blue diamonds were burried. Several of them were just several inches above the snow so we spent a good 45 minutes looking around for the A-Frame. Snowmobiles were on our trails; didn't know whether to be grateful or to curse them. They aren't supposed to be on the blue diamond trails, but they at least broke trail. It does detract from the wilderness experience since we could smell the fumes, and they were loud. The wood supply for the wood stove was almost gone. It often is this time of year. The wood stove makes it easy to reheat burritos and other food and that's how we melted snow for our water. They have a metal trash can for food storage since there are so many rodents in this particular shelter. I thought the snowmobilers were crazy because there is a giant bowl on Mt. Bailey that is definitely avalanche prone and the snowmobilers were joy riding all over the avalanche area. Vistas were great from the ridge that we did our day hike on. We could see Thielsen, McLoughlin, Mt. Scott, but we were unable to see Mt. Shasta this time due to haze in the background. Diamond Lake lodge offers a great traditional breakfast which we enjoyed on the way back after our 3 days and 2 nights in the outback. According to the the fishermen there, the fishing is making a great comeback. There must have been 50 people ice fishing that day on the lake.

Members: Hovis, Scott, James, Daphne.

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