Diamond Creek Falls

Sunday, January 16, 2011
Leader: Scott Hovis
SShoe: 3 miles, 400 ft (Easy)

Sometimes it's like the bumper sticker....a bad day snowshoeing is better then a good day @ the office. It rained a lot. A couple of trails turned into creeks. We decided to turn back before we made it to the falls. The foot bridge crossing Salt Creek has been widened making it much safer. I am starting to list our meeting spot as "19th & Patterson of S.E.H.S parking lot." People have been missing the trip because they are waiting on the other side of the school. On the drive home there was a dangerous road condition. It was raining so hard the trenches were filling up causing a sheet of water to cross the highway. I found my car hydroplaning.

Members: Hovis, Scott, Chord, Roberta, Sanazaro, Susan, Schilling, Stephanie. Nonmembers: Levine, Keren, Clark, Donnelle, Robertson, Chenoweth, Rust, Mark, Hirst, Angela.

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