Mt. Pisgah

Tuesday, December 21, 2010
Leader: Janet Jacobsen
Hike: 3 miles, 1000 ft (Moderate)

The parking lot was filled with cars and the trail filled with hikers hoping to feel the spirit of a rainless Winter Solstice with a spectacular sunset. As we neared the top, the possibility of the sun's rays shining through the Mt. Pisgah Sighting Pedestal became less likely. It was not to be. There was a slight wind on the summit but not enough to prevent us from enjoying the views and conversation with friends. It was Les Benoy's first trip up Pisgah who was most impressed with the views and number of people on the summit. We enjoyed the lights of Eugene as we hiked down to our cars. Next year, we must remember to bring celebratory food and drink!

Members: Janet Jacobsen, Darko Sojak, John Jacobsen, Royal Murdock, Peggy Windle, Susan Sanazaro, Rick Ahrens, Mari Baldwin, Jim Whitfield, Van Likes. Nonmembers: Les Benoy, Jim Koretz, Mel Huey.

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