Spencer Butte

Saturday, November 27, 2010
Leader: Matthew Bell
Trl Mnt: 150 ft (Moderate)

We met Christer LaBrecque and Lorna Baldwin of EPOS for two projects on Spencer Butte. Though the sky was overcast and showers may have been falling in Eugene karma rewarded our participants with pleasant weather for an outing.

Connie, Jim Whitfiled, and Matt helped Christer address a muddy section of the main trail. The work occurred just past the rock work bridge where there is a seep. Rocks, gravel, and tools were hauled up to the spot. Connie decided that there were too many people in a small space and never one to stand idly by she moved to the planting project on the West Trail. After a bit Dave Predeek arrived undaunted by the overcast sky for some trail maintenance work. We excavated the wet spots and placed the rocks and gravel so that the seep flowed across and through the trail without creating muddy spot.

Lorna, Janet, Jim Pierce, Cynthia and Connie planted sword ferns, vine maple, and Douglas fir along the West trail. The planting was our second attempt to get some plants to take hold in between two sections of fencing that we used to stop people from short-cutting the switchbacks. Out efforts last winter at reintroducing vegetation were met with a very low rate of survivorship.

Members: Matthew Bell, Janet Jacobsen, Jim Pierce, Dave Predeek. Nonmembers: Connie Morehouse, Cynthia ?.

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