Island Lakes Loop

Sunday, March 6, 2011
Leader: Dave Jensen
Xski: 10 miles, 1200 ft (Difficult)

It was already very warm when we started out from Gold Lake Sno-Park. The path down to Gold Lake was well tracked and slick, so we made it to the lake quickly. We followed tracks to Waldo Road, and it looked like the Fuji Mountain trail had been skied the day before, but the tracks stopped after about 50 feet. The three of us continued up the trail. The snow was very wet and heavy, but fortunately had consolidated somewhat since the day before, so out skis only sunk about 6 inches in the track and we were able to mostly keep the ski tips above the snow. Even so, it was a very demanding ski up the hill. By the time we got up to the South Waldo Trail junction, above Verde Lake, it was obvious that completing the scheduled trip would mean getting back to the trailhead well after dark, so we decided to head back down the way we came up and take advantage of our earlier handiwork. The ski down was much easier, though the heavy snow presented numerous challenges in keeping upright. We arrived back at the Sno-Park around 5:00. The snow may have been far from ideal, but it was a great day to be out in the back country, there were numerous sun breaks, and all the recent snow was good to see. Thanks to my co-participants, non-members Kimberly Higgs and Paul Murtaugh, for joining me in a very challenging day of skiing.

Members: Jensen, Dave. Nonmembers: Higgs, Kimberley, Murtaugh, Paul.

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