Midnight Lake

Saturday, December 18, 2010
Leader: Brian Hamilton
Xski: 6 miles, 400 ft (Moderate)

Sue Wolling was originally scheduled to lead this trip, but an injury required that she stay off skis for awhile. However, she did ride her bike to the meeting place to see us off. We arrived at the Gold Lake Sno-Park, where 8 inches of snow had fallen overnight, and set off at 10:30 am on a brisk pace down Abernathy Road. After about a mile, we turned off toward the PCT, following a track set by two other skiers and their dogs. We arrived at Midnight Lake just before noon and took about 20 minutes to eat lunch. Returning back to the junction at the loop trail, we had to break trail through 24 inches of powder to continue our clockwise loop. Breaking trail became easier when we met a skier coming in from Bechtel Shelter breaking trail by himself on a counter-clockwise loop. After reaching Abernathy Road, we dropped in to see Bechtel Shelter and then continued on to the trailhead. At least 3 inches of snow fell during our trip, but when we reached the cars at 2:00 pm, blue skies were starting to appear. Thanks to Sue for scheduling a trip that we all enjoyed.

Members: Hamilton, Brian, Baldwin, Mari, Van Deusen, Charlie, Miller, Sam, Chemotti, Frank, Stockdale, Chris, Hartman, John, Smythe, Robert. Nonmembers: Bower, Sherrill, Friedland, Sharon.

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