Eugene Wetlands

Friday, February 27, 2009
Leader: Chris Cunningham
Hike: 5 miles (Easy)

Seven of us walked through Meadowlark Prairie in the West Eugene Wetlands on this dry, grey winter morning. Curiosity, rather than pace, prompted us to stop often to watch a variety of birds gathering at numerous, shallow wetland pools, and perching on treetops and telephone poles. Sometimes we just stood and listened to the cheery birdsong. The birders in our group identified a: green-winged teal, meadowlark, red-winged blackbird, egret, grey heron, hooded merganser, (female) kestrel, buffehead and bald eagle, as well as widgeons, mallards, shovelers, harriers and "waders."

Members: Chris Cunningham, Dan Christensen, Sharon Duncan, Jim Duncan, Ginny Reich, Ed Lizewski. Nonmembers: Darko Sojak.

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