Alton Baker to Pre's Rock

Monday, February 16, 2009
Leader: Marshall Kandell
Hike: 6 miles (Moderate)

A PREsident's Day hike to PREfontaine's memorial seemed appropriate. Again, we started out in chilly, but clear weather. From the duck pond, we took the river trail to Autzen Bridge (the river seemed lower than we could ever remember), past the construction of the UO athletic academic center and the huge pits being dug that will eventually hold the new Matt Court and up 15th to Hendricks Park, where our group split up for a bit. At first, Ginny Reich took us on a "short cut" that wouldn't be as steep as the course we were on. Hah! Then, she and her followers took the high road and I led my minions on the low road and we wound up at the rest rooms at the same time. From the rhody garden, we followed Skyline Blvd. to the spot where Pre lost control of his convertible... and his life. We followed Birch back down to Fairmont, enjoying the magnificent view of Alton Baker Park way below and, again, acceded to Ginny's urging to take 17th down instead of 19th (thereby eliminating the seductive aromas that emanate from Eugene City Bakery). We stopped for refreshments in the EMU's Fishbowl and then proceeded through the campus and across Franklin to the South River Trail and across the DeFazio Bridge back to the duck pond, finishing in bright sunshine. Hikers included members Myron Cook, Jim and Sharon Duncan, Marshall Kandell, Ginny Reich, Ken Rivernider (membership application in the mail!), Ruth Romoser and Martha Welches; and nonmember Nancy Sprague.

Members: Martha Welches, Ruth Romoser, Sharon Duncan, Jim Duncan, Marshall Kandell, Ginny Reich, Myron Cook, Ken Rivernider. Nonmembers: Nancy Sprague.

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