North Fork Middle Fork Willamette

Sunday, February 15, 2009
Leader: Chris Stockdale
Hike: 10 miles, 300 ft (Moderate)

Some Obsidians are terminally optimistic so are inclined to ignore inclement weather forecasts. Some lucked out again on Sunday, Feb. 15 when they drove up to the Westfir covered bridge parking area to tackle the trail along the North Fork of the Middle Fork of the Willamette River. (Note: let’s have a contest to shorten that name and submit it to the Forest Service.) Blue skies predominated and the predicted rain and cold winds were nowhere to be experienced. Thanks to some recent showers, the foliage along the trail was a vivid green and sparkling where it caught the sun, the river was cascading in torrents, and a few brave flowers were visible by the trail’s side. Occasional muddy patches where the mountain bikers had ridden didn’t faze the group. Lunch was eaten atop a rise overlooking the river before the group reluctantly headed back to make sure one hiker would be back in Eugene by mid-afternoon. The group also appreciated the later start of 9 a.m. Relishing the taste of spring were Obsidians Lynda Christiansen, Janet Jacobsen, Sue Meyers, Susan Wanser and leader Chris Stockdale, accompanied by a visitor from the Bend area, Larry Pennington.

Members: Jacobsen, Janet, Christiansen, Lynda, Stockdale, Chris, Meyers, Sue, Wanser, Susan. Nonmembers: Pennington, Larry.

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