Basic Mountaineering March 31, April 2-3,14,16

Thursday, March 31, 2005

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<font color="#0000FF">Archived Schedules

<a href="schedule2001.htm"> 2001</a> <a href="/cgi-bin/|c|r|d&DF=c&D=climb&SWD=1&RPTHDR=OBSIDIAN%20CLIMB%20SCHEDULE">2002</a> <a href="/cgi-bin/|c|r|d&DF=c&D=climb&SWD=1&RPTHDR=OBSIDIAN%20CLIMB%20SCHEDULE">2003</a> <a href="/cgi-bin/|c|r|d&DF=c&D=climb&SWD=1&RPTHDR=OBSIDIAN%20CLIMB%20SCHEDULE">2004</a> <a href="/cgi-bin/|c|r|d&DF=c&D=climb&SWD=1&RPTHDR=OBSIDIAN%20CLIMB%20SCHEDULE">2005</a> <a href="/cgi-bin/|c|r|d&DF=c&D=climb&SWD=1&RPTHDR=OBSIDIAN%20CLIMB%20SCHEDULE">2006</a> <a href="/cgi-bin/|c|r|d&DF=c&D=climb&SWD=1&RPTHDR=OBSIDIAN%20CLIMB%20SCHEDULE">2007</a> <a href="/cgi-bin/|c|r|d&DF=c&D=climb&SWD=1&RPTHDR=OBSIDIAN%20CLIMB%20SCHEDULE">2008</a> <a href="/cgi-bin/|c|r|d&DF=c&D=climb&SWD=1&RPTHDR=OBSIDIAN%20CLIMB%20SCHEDULE">2009</a> <a href="/cgi-bin/|c|r|d&DF=c&D=climb&SWD=1&RPTHDR=OBSIDIAN%20CLIMB%20SCHEDULE">2010</a></font>

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Sign up to go on Obsidian Climbs at the Eugene YMCA, 2055 Patterson Street

</span></font>Questions about Climbs?

Contact Larry Huff - 541-868-5391- <a href="">

</a></td> </tr> </table> <table border="0" cellspacing="0" width="100%" cellpadding="6"> <tr> <td valign="top"><img border="0" src="hoodsnow1.jpg" width="212" height="385" align="left"><img border="0" src="cityofrocks1.jpg" width="185" height="382" align="right"> <font color="#0000FF"><a name="SPRING_CLIMB_SCHOOL">Spring Climb School <!--

April 15, 17, 18, 22, 24--></a></font>

The Climbs Committee, in conjunction with Eugene Mountain Rescue, puts on the Obsidians’ annual spring climbing school every year.

This is an entry level mountaineering class with an emphasis on providing the basic skills needed to climb safely with a group in alpine mountaineering environments - where travel may involve ascending glaciers or negotiation of steep rock. It is recommended for new climbers who would like to participate in any “technical” or roped climb or those who would like to refresh their climbing skills. Prerequisites for the course include being in reasonably good physical conditioning; being age 16 or older (or at least 13, if accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult).

Check back in a few months for details on the 2011 School. <!--<p>Classes, to be taught by Obsidian and EMR volunteers, include two evening classroom sessions (April 15 and 22) and two full-day field sessions (Rock, April 17 or 18; and Snow, April 24). The cost is $75, payable in advance. Members of the Obsidians or EMR will receive a $25 discount. All proceeds go to support the Obsidians and EMR.

The climb school will be offered first to Obsidians and EMR, then to the general public. Class size is limited. For more information, contact Larry at 541-868-5391 or <a href=""></a>. To register: contact George Baitinger at 541-344-9345 (home) or <a href=""></a>.--> <br clear="all"><font size="2">Photos by John Pegg</font> </td> </tr> </table>


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