Finley Wildlife Refuge

Saturday, January 27, 2018
Leader: Jane Hackett
Hike: 5 miles, 100 ft (Easy)

Very little rain a few sprinkles would sum up the day. 4 of the people in the group had never been to the refuge so that made it more fun for me. We did not see the large flocks I expected to see. We saw those flying away as we approached the refuge. But we did see several immature bald eagles along with 1 or 2 mature eagles that excited everyone. red tail hawks and kestrels and a female harrier were also present in numbers. Thundra swan, Canada geese both dusky and cackerles were present. varied thrush, redwing black birds, great egrets, belted kingfisher, pintail and ring necks along with the usual mallards and cormorants. We stopped at headquarters for lunch both gift shop and bathrooms were open. Our hike started here, we did the mill hill loop to the tie trail to the woodpecker loop. We discovered a new covered viewing/picnic platform with great views of the valley below. Continuing on to the trailhead it was a short hike back to headquarters. The usual mud was present on all trails and the amount of running water was much more. Great day for all. Started home around 2:30.

Members: Hackett, Jane, Strutin, David, Bennett, Brad, Egri, Denise, Faumont, Serge, Greer, Joel, Greer, Esme. Nonmembers: Zajac, Jim.

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