Midnight Lake

Saturday, December 23, 2017
Leader: Sue Wolling
Xski: 6 miles, 600 ft (Moderate)

Six interested skiers signed up for the Midnight Lake trip—but there were no drivers. Finally Linda agreed, with some trepidation, to drive her little Honda Civic up the pass. She could only take three people, and even that required bungee cords to strap the third set of skis to the rack—so only the first three people on the sign-up sheet were able to go. Fortunately, the roads weren’t bad, and the snow was surprisingly good. There were two feet of snow measured at the same gauge that measured about five feet this time last year, but that was plenty. We set out on the flat road to Pengra Pass, hoping that we’d remember what to do with the boards strapped to our feet. Fortunately, cross-country skiing is like riding a bike—you never really forget your skills (especially if were never very proficient to start with!) We enjoyed the track some previous skier had made for the entire route: up the PCT to Midnight Lake, then the tie-in trail over to Abernathy Road and lunch at Bechtel Shelter, followed by the glide back to Pengra Pass. It was a mostly sunny day, and a great way to start both the ski season and the Christmas holidays.

Members: Wolling, Sue, Fern, Jacquie. Nonmembers: Gilbert, Linda.

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