Full Ridgeline Out & Back

Saturday, December 9, 2017
Leader: Darian Morray
Hike: 12.6 miles, 2120 ft (Difficult)

Eleven of us gathered in the cold (29 degree) fog at the Blanton Heights Ridgeline trailhead. A twelfth hiker, a new member, was led to the wrong trailhead by her vehicle guidance system. We were able to meet her at the lower Willamette trailhead and she completed the hike with us. For the most part we were above the fog in bright winter sunshine. We regrouped at the Fox Hollow and Spring Blvd. trailheads and stopped for an early lunch at about 11:00 AM on the return leg at the top of Mt. Baldy. We completed the hike by 1:30 PM and enjoyed some corn muffins in the Blanton parking area.

Members: Morray, Darian, Cooper, David, Meacham, Lynn, Cooney, Marguerite, Lodeesen, David, Moore, Caroline, Bennett, Brad, Smith, Mike, Anselmo, Jan, Anselmo, Richard, Cameron, Jim. Nonmembers: Lane, Jennifer.

Bright winter sun above the fog. Rich, Jan, Dave C, Mike, Jennifer—photo by Darian Morray
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