Aubrey- Heckletooth Mt.

Sunday, October 22, 2017
Leader: Mike Smith
Hike: 11.5 miles, 2025 ft (Difficult)

This was an Explora hike into an area not often appearing on the hiking calendar. The trailhead is within 2 miles of Hwy 58, right across from the Sasquatch!! I had no idea what was up there on a mountain biking trail, let alone doing it in a pouring rain as well. But, three others came along, and we all took a look! The hike has mostly level areas and then mostly steep climbs. Most of the 2000' vertical occurs in the last part of the hike. The trail is in good shape, and in autumn, the colors are fabulous!! We saw yellows, reds, light greens and big Vine Maple leaves on the trail. Heckletooth was further than the 4 miles I had estimated, about 5.5, and only one of the two routes to Aubrey exists, despite the GPS's showing two. The climbs have many switchbacks and the top is nice--when there isn't a lot of rain, fog, and wind. I expected all the weather we got; the sheer beauty was completely unexpected. This is a nice autumn hike, but difficult, unless one goes in only about 3-4 miles, in which case, without a lot of elevation gain, one will see a lot of color!

Members: Mike Smith, Steve Cordon, Lynn Meacham, Randy Sinnott.

View from Heckletooth summit 3670’—photo by Mike Smith
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