Pisgah Full Moon Rise

Monday, January 1, 2018
Leader: Mike Smith
Hike: 3 miles, 1000 ft (Moderate)

Continuing from the New Years' Day hike, Steve Cordon and I hiked from Spencer Butte to Baldy, then the Suzanne Arlie Trail to LCC, from there to the Shell Station, where we got warm and sat down for awhile. We put on warm clothes because of the wind but were pleasantly surprised when it was just cold for our walk on Seavey Loop Rd. to the Pisgah TH. We had 20 on this hike, and several people brought food along. On top, there was intermittent heavy fog with clearing. We saw beautiful alpenglow on Diamond Peak and the Sisters (Hope and Charity). It looked like clouds would make moonrise impossible to see, but I remembered on past Pisgah hikes that I tend to overestimate cloud thickness. I looked north of east, and saw a little brightness. Sure enough, the brightness increased, and we saw a beautiful full Moon rise. We then got off the mountain without incident. Steve and I did one hike today, not two. It was really special to hike from Willamette Street to the top of Spencer Butte and Mt. Pisgah to see if we could do it on foot in a reasonable time period. The answer is an unequivocal yes!

Members: Smith, Mike, Lodeesen, David, Cameron, Jim, Cooney, Marguerite, Jacobsen, Janet, Hougardy, Mark, Hougardy, Christiane, Cooper, David, Bennett, Brad, Hull, Diantha, Stewart Smith, Meg, Cordon, Steve, Bryan, Keiko, Adey, Steve, Nagy, Evelyn, Ahrens, Rick, Cooper, Carla. Nonmembers: Jekot, Rosanne, Eastwood, Rebecca, Moore, Caroline.

There it is, the full moonrise off to the northeast.—photo by David Lodeesen
click here for more photos from this trip

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