Explora Black Meadow, Deer Camp lake, Waldo loop

Sunday, September 3, 2017
Leader: Mike Smith
Hike: 14 miles, 1000 ft (Moderate)

It was good to get out of Eugene, the heat, and the bad air quality. We could see a decent Sun at the trailhead to Mount Ray and took that about 2.5 miles to the junction, where we went straight towards Black Meadow (north went to South Waldo Shelter and south to Island Lakes and eventually Fuji Mtn.) On the way, huckleberries were for the picking, and I found that I had decent hand-mouth coordination. At the same time, I was taking pictures of the blowdowns so Dave Cooper, also along, could help coordinate the Scorpions in their removal. From the junction to Black Meadow is about two miles, but it is over a height of land, has a steep descent, and needs some trail finding ability in places. We got to the next junction to Deer Camp Lake, where I decided, after looking at the contours, that this was not a good idea to visit. There were no complaints. We then went north to Bingo Lake, where two of us were last week on Dave's hike. We had lunch there, I picked a peck of huckleberries, and then we headed north to Waldo Lake and the South Waldo Shelter. We then took the trail back south and saw Archie Knowles's tree. From there, it was to the car and back to hazardous air quality.

Members: Mike Smith, Lynn Meacham, Marguerite Cooney, David Cooper.

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