Charlton Lake To Irish Lake via PCT

Sunday, October 15, 2017
Leader: Darko Sojak
Hike: 10.4 miles, 450 ft (Difficult)

According to information received from Westfir ranger station we should have clear road and up to 2” of snow on the PCT trail.

We found road NF 5897 (Waldo Lake access road) with 10" of crunchy frozen snow. Since we had one low clearance Prius, we squeezed 12 people and all the gear in two AWD SUVs. In heavy loaded cars we continued for 6 miles until we encounter ranger in his big 4x4 Chevy truck, stuck in the middle of the snowed road. Unable to go around the stuck truck, we backed for quarter of the mile before able to turn our vehicles. After assessing situation we collectively decided to drive few miles back down to Hwy 58 and to Salt Creek Falls.

There, on somewhat lower elevation, our cheerful group hiked 3.2 miles -Salt Creek to Diamond Creek falls loop.

All good, besides undercarriage skid plate damage on leader’s vehicle.

Members: Darko Sojak, Tom Rundle, Kathy Randall, Lynn Meacham, Consuelo Gomez, Marguerite Cooney, Daphne James, Randy Sinnott, Pam Symond, Vern Marsonette. Nonmembers: Kathie Carpenter, JoDee Martin.

Tom, Marguerite, Vern, Kathy, Daphne, Randy, Lynn, JoDee, Consuelo, Pam and Darko—photo by Kathie Carpenter
click here for more photos from this trip

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