Opie Dilldock

Saturday, July 8, 2017
Leader: Steven Johnson
Hike: 14 miles, 2300 ft (Difficult)

After having five people cancel just a couple of days before this hike I considered postponing the hike to a later date. Recent news stories and employees at the ranger station were all saying that there was too much snow to complete this hike. The day before the hike I had three more non-members sign up and so I was determined to at least make an effort to see how far I could get. We first hit large patches of snow about a mile from Four-in-one Cone but the cone itself was free of snow so we all hiked to the top. Afterwards increasing amounts of snow made the trail much harder to find, but our determined crew forged ahead and we found ourselves at our destination, Collier viewpoint, at 1:30 for a late lunch. We continued the loop down Opie Dillcock pass on to Glacier Creek with the snow getting even deeper however we were always able to find the trail. We even encountered a few PCT through hikers and a group heading up to climb the North Sister. We finished the hike after 8 ½ hours. The snow had slowed us down but also had given us a trail almost all to ourselves and spectacular views.

Members: Steven Johnson, Ben Brown. Nonmembers: Arjen Hoekstra, Renee Villanueva, Paul Ahnert, Larry Winiarski.

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