Vivian Lake

Saturday, July 22, 2017
Leader: Sue Wolling
Hike: 8 miles, 1600 ft (Moderate)

On a sunny morning, our ten hikers did introductions and then headed up to the trailhead at Salt Creek Falls. After stopping to admire Oregon’s second-tallest waterfall, we crossed the creek to start the hike. We were quickly greeted by hordes of mosquitoes--initially we thought they were all males, because they weren’t biting, but at some point the bugs got over their sexism. We kept a good pace on the way up, because as long as we kept moving, the bugs weren’t too bad. We enjoyed a surprising variety of wildflowers along the way, from beargrass to columbine to shooting stars. While a couple of trees had not been cleared off the trail, they were easy to walk around. The steep pitch of the trail, on the other hand, was not so easy--but good things never come easy, right? After a view of Fall Creek Falls, we hiked along the cascading stream to reach the junction where we appreciated the flat walk to Vivian Lake and our lunch stop. A slight breeze gave us a break from the mosquitoes, and we enjoyed a leisurely lunch (and a swim for Valerie). On the way down, we chose the part of the loop we had not taken on the ascent, and were rewarded with a view of Diamond Creek Falls and the Salt Creek Canyon on the way back to the parking lot. It was a great summer hike--and hearing George, a newcomer to Oregon, admire the wonderful scenery that the rest of us often take for granted helped us all to appreciate just how lucky we are to live in a place like Oregon.

Members: Sue Wolling, Lana Lindstrom, Cari Soderlund, David Lodeesen, Marguerite Cooney, Valerie Metcalfe, June Sutterfield. Nonmembers: Tina Fodrie, George Cardenas, Caroline Forell.

Vivian Lake.—photo by David Lodeesen
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