Marion Mountain

Saturday, June 24, 2017
Leader: Daphne James
Hike: 11.2 miles, 2000 ft (Difficult)

We hiked up Marion Mt. in Mount Jefferson Wilderness on an exceptionally warm and windy day in late June. Although the Detroit Rangers advised me the trail would be snowed-in at 4,000 ft, as I discovered earlier in the week when I scouted, there was virtually no snow. As an added bonus, the occasional mosquito we encountered was blown away in the breeze. The trail started out in the lush forest then skimmed along tranquil Lake Ann, where geese floated by and new bear grass and just budding Rhodes graced the shore. The trail continued on to Marion Lake and our first dramatic view of Three Finger Jack raising above the sparkling waster. Clear, blue skies made for spectacular mountain views through out the day. We crossed over the bridge at the lake inlet and started up the trail to the mountain. Here the trail is rocky and we had to watch our footing and avoid the temptation of looking down at Marion Lake and across to the emerging views of Mt. Jefferson. The views were a constant distraction and four hikers, that I know of, took harmless tumbles later in the day. Following our next junction, we went through a burn area, where there were a number of small blow-downs and a bit of brush, which our hikers aptly climbed over. A couple of our hikers are Scorpion volunteers and were counting the trees and anticipating coming back with their saws. Thank you to all those who do trail maintenance. After our final .8 mile and 400 ft we came out to the breathtaking summit with its expansive views from Mt. Hood to Three Finger Jack. Here we found shade among the trees and enjoyed our lunches while partaking in typical Obsidian conversations; identifying various landmarks, spotting places we have been and planning trips to come. The trail and company could not have been better for another great Obsidian day in the wilderness.

Members: James, Daphne, Cooper, David, Nagy, Evelyn, Lodeesen, David, Smith, Mike, Cooney, Marguerite, Meacham, Lynn, Cordon, Steve, Soderlund, Cari.

Evelyn,Marguerite,Steve,Mike,Dave,Lyn,Cari,Dave and 3FingerJack—photo by Daphne James
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