Spencer Butte Conditioning

Tuesday, April 18, 2017
Leader: Charles Warren
Hike: 5.1 miles, 2166 ft (Difficult)

Time: 2.4 hours

Weather: Sunny, low 60s, slight breeze

Trial condition: Good, if slightly muddy in places

Mosquitoes: None

Remarks: There was a person on the summit who was flying a drone. He was using virtual reality goggles that allowed him to see through a camera mounted on the drone itself. With loud beeping and whirring he flew the drone erratically about the summit of the Butte. The sunset watchers who had gathered there had no choice but to avert their eyes from the west in order to keep track of the drone that sometimes passed within perhaps 15 feet of their heads while moving at a rapid pace. Evidently, the virtual reality made it difficult for him to land the drone safely and the drone ended up crashing hard into the ground perhaps 10 feet in front of where I was sitting. In doing so, the propeller blades of the drone launched what was probably a small rock in my direction. Whatever it was, it struck my right forearm, breaking the skin an leaving a small abrasion. Undeterred, the drone pilot replaced the propeller blades and resumed his menacing of the sunset watchers. He appeared to be totally unaware of the impact his hobby was having on them. Other than this strange occurrence, the hike went well and everyone appeared to have a good time and a good workout.

Members: Charles Warren, Laura Osinga, Eric Thornton, Bill Lowder.

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