Threemile Lake

Sunday, April 16, 2017
Leader: Jane Hackett
Hike: 6 miles, 350 ft (Moderate)

Now is the time to do the Three Mile Lake hike if you want to see it full. It's really is beyond full. We had a couple of downed trees to get over or around,otherwise the trail was in better shape then I expected. Overcast for the most part, but a great temperature for hiking. We follow the marked trail toward the beach but ran into a creek that looked like there had been a flash flood or the waves had pushed inland to a degree I had never seen before. We elected to use some of the wood to make a stable and dry crossing for this small creek and headed directly for the beach. We had this all to ourselves. The tide was well out and we found a large fir to sit on and enjoy lunch and the quiet. Then we continued south down the beach looking for the marker that would lead back in land to the north end of the lake. The tall post on the fore dune that marks this trail was gone. We noted many large logs push high on the fore dune and a large amount of erosion of the of the dune. As I was thinking of returning the same way we came I looked left and saw a small break in the dune and a sign back in the tall grass with a hiker on it. This was the right trail and its was the first time I have ever had to wade on this trail. We had about 100 feet of 8-10 inch deep water to go through to get back to dry land. Lots of water in the deflation plane. From there it was on to the north end of Three Mile Lake and the trail that led us back to the cars. A great way to spend Easter.

Members: Jane Hackett, Brian Popowsky, Nancy Whitfield, Charles Ashmore.

Jane and Brian picking their way through uprooted trees along the shore—photo by Nancy Whitfield
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