Silver Falls State Park

Thursday, June 1, 2017
Leader: Brad Bennett
Hike: 7 miles, 800 ft (Moderate)

Ten of us started from LCC at 7am and drove the 1.5 hours to the 9,000-acre Silver Falls State Park, the largest state park in Oregon. We parked at the south falls day use area where there was a light rain that only lasted 20 minutes. A short time later we were peeling off a layer. The lodge/cafe were built in the 1930 by the CCC work program. After buying a parking pass and bathroom break we headed for the South Falls overlook just a short walk down the trail. Looking down with a panoramic view of the 177 foot falls was a great way to start out our 800 ft elevation,10 falls hike. The ten falls in order are the South Falls 177ft, Lower South Falls 93ft, Lower North Falls 30ft, Double Falls 178ft, Drake Falls 27ft, Middle North Falls 106ft, Twin Falls 31ft, North Falls 136ft, Upper North Falls 65ft where we eat lunch, and the Winter Falls 134ft. After hiking down and behind the south fall, first of 4 falls that we were able to hike behind we continued our 7 mile loop hike to the other 9 falls. The temp was mid 60 with over cast sky, but the sun did show its self from time to time. I told the group that at the North Falls parking area there would be a bathroom and there was one when we got there. The only problem was the park service was doing a one day maintenance on the foot bridge blocking our access. The last falls of our hike was the Winter Falls and was an option I gave to everyone as it was a hike downhill and back. Janet said she was going to hike down to see it and without hesitation we followed her. All ten hikers saw all ten falls, great weather, great group the best of times. Returning to the lodge/café we each got something to drink and watched a short video about the parks history.

Members: Bennett, Brad, Rundle, Tom, Nagy, Evelyn, Jacobsen, Janet, James, Daphne, Soderlund, Cari, Northrop, Jim, Whitfield, Nancy, Hawkins, David. Nonmembers: Cieutat, Suzanne.

South Falls—photo by Daphne James
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