Mount Hubris

Friday–Saturday, September 22–23, 2017
Leader: Maryanne Reiter

The clear blue skies on our Mount Hubris were so very welcomed after a summer of so much smoke. We headed down Fri night, camped at Castle Crags State Park. We got up at 4:00 AM and hiked in the dark to the start of the climb. We were the only ones up there and had the whole climb essentially to ourselves. Everyone did great on the climb and the rappel. We were hungry when we got back and decided to go for Thai food in Dunsmire since we heard there was a good Thai place there. The restaurant was in a historic building and the walls had old photos. The music was provided by an old record player. Not your typical Thai. The food was good, the climbing team was happy. Then we had the long drive back to Eugene.

Members: Maryanne Reiter, Ivan Paskalev, Hayden Banks, Larry Banks, Marci Hansen, Meg McNabb.

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