Andrew Reasoner Wildlife Preserve

Thursday, April 20, 2017
Leader: Jorry Rolfe
Hike: 2 miles, 450 ft (Moderate)

The group met landowner Linda Carnine along with McKenzie River Trust (MRT) staff-person Elizabeth Goward at the preserve at 84731 Lorane Highway. Linda and husband Doug bought this property to enhance the wildlife corridor between nearby farms, creating a conservation easement with the the help of the MRT and local agencies. By removing Douglas firs and Scotch broom, they are attempting to restore the area to a pre-European oak savanna with scattered white and black oaks, valley pines, and madrones, along with adequate amounts of poison oak. We hiked 2.5 miles and the spring wildflowers seen included hound’s tongue, spring beauty, calypso orchid, Oregon iris, and shooting star. Bird species seen or heard included red-tailed hawk, Cooper’s hawk, white-crowned sparrow, black-throated gray and and orange-crowned warblers, wrentit, and purple finch. The Carnine’s welcome visitors but they would like a call before your visit. Read more about the property at

Members: Jorry Rolfe, Randy Sinnott, Tommy Young, David Cooper, Carla Cooper, Dorene Steggell, David Lodeesen, Janet Jacobsen, Barbara Gunther, Sam Tracer, Rick Ahrens, Steve Adey, Joella Ewing.

Starting up toward the oak woodland—photo by Carla Cooper
click here for more photos from this trip

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