Whole McKenzie River Trail

Monday, May 22, 2017
Leader: Mike Smith
Hike: 26.6 miles, -1600 ft (Difficult)

Four of us did the whole McKenzie River Trail on the hottest day of the year. Fortunately, we started before 7 and had nice cool weather for about half the hike. Sahalie and Koosah falls were both dealing with voluminous amounts of water, and the trail just north of Blue Pool was widely flooded, with one stream crossing that was unanticipated. Blue Pool actually was being filled from above, which we hadn't seen before. We had lunch about 2-3 miles past Trail Bridge and then walked....walked.... and did I say walked some more, until we finally crossed the road to Belknap. We had a break there and had another break an hour later. I hated to make people move after 5 minutes, but it was hot, and we weren't moving when sitting. Additionally, we actually were near the end. We finally rolled in just after 4, drove to the other car, returned to Belknap Springs, and soaked for a long time in the pool. The hike could be done the other way with a key exchange, and other than a lot of climbing on the second half, represents an interesting challenge.

Members: Mike Smith, David Lodeesen, Marguerite Cooney, Lynn Meacham.

Margerite hikes through a bit of snow just south of Clear Lake.—photo by David Lodeesen
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