Diamond Peak- Graduation Climb

Saturday, May 27, 2017
Leader: Marge Huseman
Climb: 8 miles, 3979 ft

We started off the day with 10 new climb school graduates. While unsure if climb school had prepared the team for the climb, almost everyone remembered that summit/leader treats were a critical part of the outing. Kudos to Maryanne for such proper preparation. Once the mosquitos found the group in the parking lot, we made quick work to get above snow line before being carried off. The mountain was in good shape and we had beautiful blue skies to climb under. The entire group was able to make it to the summit - 10 new diamond summits for the team and, for several, their first Oregon peak! After a successful summit we celebrated with a 1700 foot glissade off the summit. Rumor has it the glissade was fast enough that at least one team member could have recieved a speeding ticket in a school zone. Overall, a great day out in the mountains. I look forward to more climbs with this team. A big thank you to Wayne for the assist.

Members: Marge Huseman, Wayne Deeter, Steve Cordon, Robert Oslon. Nonmembers: Patrick Mucker, Andrew Mucker, Lauren Hendricks, Cheri Young, Adam Jansons, Joe Moll, Kurtis Erving, Eric Gran.

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