Mount Adams- Mazama Glacier

Saturday–Sunday, July 22–23, 2017
Leader: Marge Huseman
Climb: 10 miles, 6 ft

The urban dictionary defines type 2 fun as 'an activity that is fun only after you have stopped doing it'. It's not uncommon for mountaineering trips to fit into this category. In addition to the 'normal' challenges of (2am) alpine starts, spending hours tethered to others on your rope team, or the weight of carrying both overnight and climbing gear - this trip had the bonus of 8 extra, unplanned miles of hiking and several detours/scree slogs trying to find our way on the climbers 'trail'.

Luckily, a lot of mountaineers also have short memories. It is my hope that if you asked any of the members of this climb about the trip they would tell you about how we had the Mazama glacier to ourselves, saw a beautiful sunrise, worked well together on our rope teams, walked next to some amazing crevasses, and had a great time enjoying a beautiful mountain. The entire group was able to summit and was rewarded with amazing views. Everyone on the trip stepped up to the challenges. Cheers to short memories and more mountains.

Members: Marge Huseman, Maryanne Reiter, Meg McNabb, Kana Moll, Joe Moll, Laura Osinga. Nonmembers: Eric Gran.

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