Finley Wildlife Refuge

Sunday, April 2, 2017
Leader: Jane Hackett
Hike: 6 miles, 100 ft (Easy)

The winter migrants were gone. Great sunny day, the tundra swan and duskys were no where to be seen. The largest birds we saw were, one mature bald eagle, one white egret , two very dark great blue heron , turkey vultures and the usual large Canada geese with the smaller cacklers. Smaller birds were more apparent especially around headquarters. Anna's hummingbirds, both male and female, house finches, golden crown sparrows, acorn woodpeckers black capped, chickadee, meadowlark, robin and mourning dove.. There were not many ducks, ring necks, mallard, pintail and green wing teal. No hawks with exception of one kestrel. The biggest hit of the day were the three red spotted garter snakes, three frogs, three turtles hauled out on a log and cotton tail rabbits. Our hike around Mill Hill had its usual abundant mud and just the start of spring wild flowers.

Members: Jane Hackett, Kathy Randall, Steve Adey, Darko Sojak, Meg Stewart Smith, Keiko Bryan, Jack Loe. Nonmembers: Cheryl Belleau, Claire Belleau, Meg Kieran, Eileen Watters.

Snowy Egret fishing—photo by Kathy Randall
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