Leader Training and Appreciation Night

Tuesday, April 11, 2017
Leader: John Cooper

Tonight’s presentation was a combination of leader socializing and serious discussion on the topic “Stay Safe: decision Making and Hind Sight”. New and prospective leaders came early to meet with Mike Smith and John Jacobsen to go over On Line Sign Up and to have questions answered. 8 people participated in this segment of the program. Pizza arrived along with a spectacular cake to start the appreciation and socializing part of the night.

The actual program did start on time with John Cooper welcoming everyone and reading a quote from the constitution that details the reasons why we are all Obsidians. Dave Strutin's talk, “To and From The Back Country” was followed by Chris Stockdale with an update on the dog friendly hikes that will start in May on a trial basis. Janet Jacobsen was next prompting leaders to give tips from the newly revised Leader Packet. Dave Cooper followed and gave information on online resources to stay updated on trails and weather. The night’s program ended with a raffle put on by concession’s Carla Cooper. 38 people were in attendance. Thanks to Janet Jacobsen, Carla Cooper, Lana Lindstrom, Judy Terry, Jane Hackett, and Joella Ewing for making the program such a success as well as thanks to the presenters and leaders.

Members: John Cooper, Judy Terry, Mike Smith, Kathy Randall, Steve Cordon, Janet Jacobsen, Jane Hackett, Lana Lindstrom, Tom Rundle, Emily Rice, Dorene Steggell, Darko Sojak, David Cooper, Carla Cooper, Brad Bennett, David Strutin, Guy Strahon, Darian Morray, Meg Stewart Smith, Charles Warren, Clara Emlen, Chris Stockdale, Jan Anselmo, Richard Hughes, Evelyn Nagy, Steve Adey, Keiko Bryan, David Lodeesen, Jorry Rolfe, Jennifer Baer, Mary Marshall, Marguerite Cooney, Mark Hougardy, David Adkins, John Jacobsen, Tom Rundle, Joella Ewing, Buzz Blumm.

Obsidian Leaders cake. —photo by Darko Sojak
click here for more photos from this trip

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