Blanton Ridge

Thursday, February 9, 2017
Leader: Janet Jacobsen
Trl Mnt: 2 miles, 100 ft (Moderate)

Four of us volunteered to help Dev Cochrane, Eugene Parks and Open Space staff, repair damage from the storm on Blanton Trail. For the first project, we used Pulaskis and grub hoes to grade out and level a hole caused by a root wad making it easier for hikers to pass. Later this spring, Open Space plans to do more work to stabilize the section. We then moved up the trail for the more difficult project, removing a giant root wad blocking the trail. Dev worked with us to set up the GripHoist and cables from two trees to the root wad. Everyone took turns tightening the cables with the telescopic handle. My turn was ten seconds. I could hardly move the handle. Eventually, the root wad began to move. Camera ready and with big smiles on our muddy faces, we watched it roll over the side of the slope. It was hard to believe that we actually moved it. We scraped as much mud as we could from the trail. It was more difficult to deal with the mud on clothes, our faces, and shoes. The photos of this interesting project are in the gallery. Thanks to Dev who patiently explained how to move the root wad.

Members: Janet Jacobsen, David Cooper, John Jacobsen, Jim Northrop.

Second Project. Can we actually move this root wad down the hill? Dave Cooper attaches a cable.—photo by Janet Jacobsen
click here for more photos from this trip

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